The brand


Devotion to timeless elegance, attention to detail and individuality is the inspiration behind the high-end label MAR, launched by head designer, Maria Karimi, housing her Bespoke and made-to-measure clothing line for Him and Her.


Elegant but with an edge of flamboyance is Maria’s signature.


Maria believes in the roots of fashion, each individual telling a story of panache and style through their clothing. She wants to stay close to her clients and watch their style grow. She is sensitive to the fact that most clients are looking for comfort and style and she cuts each garment with functionality and exclusivity in mind.



Maria Karimi is pleased to invite you to her downtown based atelier- shop to experience the world of made-to-measure and live the pleasure of a wardrobe designed and tailored just for you.

Men’s wardrobe

The Suit: Whether it be for day or evening. From the combination of The perfect cloth, The lapel, The pockets, The painstaking of the hand-stitching, The cuff buttonholes to The personalization of opting for an embroidered name label is what makes the THE PERFECT SUIT for The perfect occasion.

The Overcoat: The Trench, The elegant Cashmere Paletot or The casual wool Pea coat; All tailored to fit perfectly on the top of your Jacketings.

The Shirt: For day or evening, Refined cottons and silks, The collar type, The matching cuffs and The buttons are all important details to create the THE PERFECT SHIRT.

Accessories: Customed Silk Bowties, Ascots, and Pocket squares are all hand-stitched to compliment the whole LOOK.

Women’s wardrobe

It consists of a more elaborate wardrobe: The 3 piece office-suit, The Dress shirt, The Dress, The evening gown, Bridal wear, Bridal Headpieces, and Wearable Art.

Made-to-Measure: MTM services allow our customers to adjust our designs according to their personal preferences. The process involves a selection from the various collection pieces, according to the season. The client will then be able to have the chosen pieces customized to his or her preferences. Options ranging from the silks and woollens of Italian mills, to the exquisite selection of French laces and hand embroidered pieces by the designer herself, to the finishing touches of the lining and buttons, guarantee the client a truly personalized piece. MTM requires several fittings in order for the garment to be a perfect fit.

Bespoke: The Bespoke method is a different and more elaborate approach to Made-to-Measure; the process is equivalent to that of draping and true Haute Couture. Contrary to elemental MTM, where a design is first established and then adjusted to the client’s measurements, Bespoke demands for the design to be sketched from scratch and created solely using the body as the canvas. The whole process can average 8 to 12 weeks following the first meeting with Maria.

Bridal Wear & Evening Wear: The bridal wear and evening wear services offer an in-between process of Made-to-Measure and Bespoke: all depends on the occasion and the client’s desires. MAR creations fall on the spectrum of traditional to modern, including wedding gowns, bridal headpieces, bridesmaid dresses, evening wear for galas, and a multitude of other unique creations. The range of possibilities in terms of design and customization are discussed between the client and Maria.