Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Minimum price: $500.00



Treat your significant other or those dear to you with a timeless expression of love and gratitude by offering them a gift card from MAR.

A custom-tailored garment is a beautiful statement piece that will be heartfelt. This personalized gift is an experience that will be remembered and will complement any occasion of all grandeurs. Whether it’s for a young graduate, a dear one to celebrate a professional achievement, to complete or start a new personalized wardrobe, or offer future newlyweds their dream wedding attires, your MAR gift will mark the beginnings and endings of all chapters in life with style.

Choices are endless, left to your budget and their imagination: a custom-made shirt, a bespoke suit, a custom-tailored suit, a custom gown, a custom-made cashmere sweater and all personalized accessories. Options will be discussed between your loved one and the designer.

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