Bespoke for Men by Fashion Designer Maria Karimi

Our Bespoke clothing line is the highest-quality clothing offered by MAR.

It all starts with meeting Maria Karimi at her luxury bespoke room in her downtown Montreal based atelier. All of your needs will be addressed, assessed and taken into account. You will then be guided through a fabric selection process. A follow-up meeting will be then booked on the spot, where you will get to see hand-drawn sketches, designed specifically for you. Your second session will include a first mock-up fitting as well.

Each piece of clothing is cut from scratch and is handmade by Maria Karimi and her team of expertly skilled craftsmen and talented artists… When designing bespoke clothing from scratch, it’s more than just getting the fit and form right. It’s also about creating custom-made clothing that perfectly speaks to who you are and exudes the lifestyle and unique vibrancy of the MAR brand.

Going the bespoke route means a more elaborate approach to traditional “made-to-measure” clothing. It is a process and technique that is equivalent to true Haute-Couture. Adversely to elemental MTM, where a design is chosen and then adjusted to the client’s measurements, the bespoke art demands that the design is sketched from scratch and created specifically using only the client’s body as a canvas. The complete process can take from 8-12 weeks from your first session with Maria

Maria Karimi creates exclusive and truly unique bespoke designs, incorporating her own distinctive, artistic visions, delivering a final piece of clothing that is true to who You are.

Jordan Clyde in custom-tailored MAR suit
Custom Made Suits

A stellar experience is what you will get when you opt for MAR custom-tailored menswear. The road to your custom-made wardrobe begins with meeting Maria Karimi for a one-on-one session at her luxury Bespoke Room, guiding you through the process, step-by-step, in order to achieve the perfect fit, style and feel that is truly and sincerely you. Whether you are looking for a custom-tailored suit, bespoke shirt or custom-made sports jacket, your personalized wardrobe will be an honest reflection of your personality. Every design will be crafted in our atelier in downtown Montreal and comes with the customer service you’d expect from a luxury, Bespoke house.


Our custom-tailored men’s pants are designed and cut to your specific needs and style in mind. From custom dress pants to custom made jeans, custom cargo pants, custom-made breeches, details like pleats, cuffs, and pocket styles are implemented based on your personal preferences and fabric features. Our menswear designs speak to every man’s unique lifestyle and personality, personifying his true self.

actor Thomas JWF wears bespoke sports jacket by Maria Karimi
Bespoke for men by Maria Karimi
Custom Men’s Shirt

When you obtain a custom-made shirt from MAR, you are guaranteed an exclusively designed, custom-tailored piece of clothing. Whether you are looking to add to your casual wardrobe or broaden the look of your custom suits, we take our custom design process very seriously and meticulously. Every aspect such as fit, function, collar style, and buttons, are all addressed in the first stages with Maria herself. Your unique, custom-made shirt pattern will be saved in-house for potential future orders.

Our wide variety of over 500+ patterns of classic and contemporary designs are made accessible to you, each woven in some of the finest European mills like Albini, Canclini, Atelier Romentino, just to name a few. One of our favorites is the NO IRON travel collection to help you always be ready for your next business trip.

You can choose from a wide array of silks and printed cottons, available in many shades and prints, adding that extra level of uniqueness.

Trench Coat

At MAR, we make sure that your overcoat pattern is designed with a modern and stylish fit that can be worn comfortably over your custom suit jacket or as a jacket for casual use. A removable hood can be added to the design for extra convenience and functionality.

Our men’s trench coat fabrics are made of 100% natural and sustainable cotton, delivering longevity as well as ideal breathability, and excellent protection against the elements. Our fabrics are available in a variety of colours.

Our aim is to produce a perfect raincoat that will keep you dry and warm, all while maintaining a sharp and elegant tailored look.

For your winter coat needs, our stylish and beautiful Cashmere Paletot and casual wool Pea coat are created, cut and custom-tailored to fit you perfectly, no matter what you are wearing. Available in 100+ colours, textures and designs.

Custom made trench for men and women in Montreal by Maria Karimi
black - velvet - fishermans - hat - by - maria - karimi

Our men’s accessories are something to behold. From custom-made cashmere scarves, silk bow ties, ascots, and pocket squares, we have the perfect hand-stitched accessory to compliment your whole wardrobe, no matter the season. All pieces are hand made in our downtown studios.

Evening Wear / Groomsmen / Family of the Groom

Custom suits and tuxedos for weddings and galas require more attention to detail, therefore, the services we offer land mid-way between Made-to-Measure and Bespoke. This all depends on the occasion and the client’s desires of course. MAR creations fall in the spectrum of beautiful, hand-crafted, traditional pieces with the perfect modern twist.  MAR designs are tailored to you and respect the themes of your special occasion. The range of possibilities in terms of design and customization are discussed between the client and Maria.

We also offer a private meeting, where grooms and brides-to-be, their groomsmen, bridesmaids, and family members can sip champagne while brainstorming ideas, all while looking through a large selection of fabrics and accessories. Our aim is to acquire a beautiful, unforgettable and harmonious look for the whole family throughout their wedding ceremonies – an experience that will stay with you and your loved ones forever.

Please note that traditional clothes from all origins can be designed and made for your traditional ceremonies, just to name a few, custom-made Indian kurta sets, custom-made embroidered sherwani sets, custom-made Moroccan kaftans etc.

Bespoke mens tuxedo and custom evening gown in chantilly lace and silk