We put in place the necessary efforts to produce less but better and encourage the concept of circular fashion. From our choices in fabrics to our manufacturing and its use we make sure to craft you clothes that are both luxurious and durable. Your bespoke clothing or the ready-to-wear collection can be used for a long time if you keep it well and with the proper care.

The good quality of our clothing often creates a chain of transmission to the next generation or they are donated to charities for young professionals. This makes it possible to create an endless life to the garments and to perpetuate the life of the garment in the concept of circular fashion.

Our mission to design timeless clothing ensures the longevity of your unique pieces that you will be able to reuse on multiple occasions.

Sustainability is a value that is put forward at MAR. We are proud to believe that our brand meets many requirements to be part of an important movement in the fashion industry. Several aspects make our clothes sustainable and fair: they are made TO MEASURE in a timeless design and high in quality, in an environmentally friendly way, and taking into account various ethical aspects.

We’d like to thank our suppliers for providing us with the best materials, produced ethically by taking care of their employees and the welfare of their animals in good conditions. We thank our artisans for their extraordinary work and above all, we thank you, OUR CUSTOMERS to trust us with your wardrobe every season and to wear our beautiful handmade clothes in Montreal and make all this possible.

Custom made and Bespoke clothing has always been considered a luxury in the fashion industry. For a competitive price compared to the exorbitant prices of many luxury brands, the fit and quality of the true bespoke are incomparable, not to mention the exclusivity of each garment designed solely for you at MAR by Maria Karimi. Pieces you will cherish for a long time.