Frequently Asked Questions
Why custom-made is better than Prêt-à- porter? What makes custom-made clothes more sustainable?

For all the obvious reasons, custom-made clothing and Bespoke has always been considered as luxury in the fashion industry. For a competitive price when compared to many luxury brands’ prêt-à- porter lines’ exorbitant price point, the fit and quality of real custom-made garments are incomparable without forgetting the exclusivity of each garment designed solely for you at MAR by Maria Karimi and her team.

SUSTAINABILITY IN FASHION is an important topic in today’s day and age. At MAR, we are proud to believe that our brand fits many of the requirements to be part of an important movement in the fashion industry. Several aspects that make our garments sustainable: it is CUSTOM-MADE with the highest quality of CRAFTSMANSHIP and timeless designs, in an environmentally friendly manner, with consideration to all ethical aspects including ethical fabrics. These clothes are used for long and well through good care and often passed to the next generation or often given to charities for young professionals.

We thank our suppliers for providing us with the best ethically produced materials by taking good care of their employees and their animals’ welfare in good conditions, we thank our local craftsmen and craftswomen for their amazing work and most importantly, we thank YOU, OUR CLIENTS for trusting our work and by wearing our beautifully handmade clothes in Montreal and making it all possible.

Gift Certificates

Treat your significant other or those dear to you with a timeless expression of love and gratitude by offering them a gift card from MAR.

A custom-tailored garment is a beautiful statement piece that will be heartfelt. This personalized gift will complement any occasion of all grandeurs. Whether it’s for a young graduate, a dear one to celebrate a professional achievement, to complete or start a new personalized wardrobe, or to offer future newlyweds their dream wedding attires, your MAR gift will mark the beginnings and endings of all chapters in life with style.

Choices are endless, left to your budget and their imagination: a custom-made shirt, a bespoke suit, a custom-tailored suit, a custom gown, a custom-made cashmere sweater and all personalized accessories. Options will be discussed between your loved one and the designer.


All pricing is discussed with client based on style, fabric choice and making standard of the garment (custom-made or Bespoke standards). Your needs and budget are always taken into consideration prior to fabric and style proposal suited just for you.

How To Take Care Of Your Suit Or Any Other Garment

A well looked after suit will last a long time. For complete satisfaction follow these basic care instructions to preserve your suit’s longevity.

Pockets, lapels should be brushed frequently to remove dirt.
Stains should be blotted immediately not rubbed.
Creased garments recover well in a humid environment. Hang them somewhere damp and warm, such as a bathroom, or vaporize them lightly with water.

After use, allow your suit to rest; wearing the same suit for two days in succession can cause damage to the fibres.
To help maintain the shape of your suit always hang your jacket on an appropriate hanger that supports the shoulders and always hang your trousers vertically.

Avoid placing items in your pockets as this will put strain on the seams.

Unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down to avoid pulling.
Store your suit in a breathable garment bag for protection.
Have your suit dry cleaned at least once a season, however excessive dry cleaning can reduce the life of a suit.
Dry clean all garments with a lining.

Silks and woollens should not be washed.

We suggest washing your cotton shirts with cold water and to be hung dry.

Make sure to remind your local dry cleaners to take good care of your garments and avoid all abrasive detergents.


If you have a garment that needs some adjustments, at MAR, we take pride in offering alteration services to our existing clients and future ones, on all clothing styles. We respectfully ask to have your clothes dry-cleaned before bringing them in. We promise to give a new life to your pieces by reshaping them and add to its durability. We can also recycle your older pieces from past collections by simply adding some new details to give them a new look for future occasions. Each effort together is a step forward for a sustainable future.