Sep 11
White pleated silk gown by Maria Karimi

4 questions for Maria Karimi

The founder of MAR more than 10 years ago has dressed many stars on the red carpet. Her experience in fashion design and tailoring makes her a master tailor whose name is a guarantee of quality. Her clients treasure her name. We wanted to know more about this designer whose workshop-boutique is located in the heart of downtown Montreal.

How would you describe the style and spirit of your brand?
MAR is a luxury fashion house that offers contemporary pieces for women and men: timeless silhouettes, everyday creations combining elegance and individuality that bring joy! Our ready-to-wear and made-to-measure collections are ethically designed and manufactured with noble and sustainable materials, with a traditional know-how that exudes quality.

What is your favorite piece from the fall collection and why?
I would say the accessories. We have a wide range of them. They make perfect transitional pieces. I’m thinking of cashmere shawls, which are bold, comfortable, unisex and can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the mood or occasion. The same goes for velvet headpieces which are playful and, most importantly, reversible.

What inspires you when you create?
Everything. I love life, but I work in silence, often at night, when everything seems asleep. That’s when the ideas come to me. I don’t like to be distracted when I’m in the creative process. However, sometimes I listen to music very loudly so that I can absorb all the emotion.

What would be your ideal vacation destination?
Spend a month between Rome and the Amalfi coast. I need culture, good food, sun, sea and exotic accents when I take a vacation.

Article was published in: Clin d’oeil (September 2021 issue)

Reversible waterproof velvet Bucket Hat - MAR by Maria Karimi